Locally owned and operated in Bad Axe. Keeping the service you need in the area for you.

Economy high-speed internet

High-speed wireless internet with speeds up to 1 Mbps for only $19.95 a month!.

Basic high-speed internet

High-speed wireless internet with speeds up to 3 Mbps for only $29.95 a month!

Advanced high-speed internet

Advanced high-speed internet for only $44.95 per month and 6 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up.
  • Unlimited Usage
    M3 Wireless will not charge monthly bandwidth usage. Our service is totally unlimited and there are no hidden fees.
  • No Modem rental
    M3 Wireless will not charge for our equipment or a modem rental. We maintain our equipment and if there is a problem with the eqiuipment, we replace it at our cost. If the equipment is damaged due to a power surge, then, we will replace the equipment at no cost to you.
  • No Phone line required
    M3 Wireless can deliver high-speed Internet access directly to your home or business, no phone line needed. It is wireless from our tower to your home. Equipment must be installed on your home or business. (Can be installed on an existing antenna tower or tripod and mast.)
  • Blazing fast connections
    Experience the Internet as never before with available speeds of up to 6 Mbps. You can use the internet to watch movies, listen to music, access your bank account, play games, and use your phone service.
  • Email addresses
    With M3 Wireless, you will also recieve 1-5 free email addresses (depending on your package). Imagine "yourname@m3isp.com"


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