Acceptable Use Policy

M3 Wireless' Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is provided to give our customers and users a better understanding of what is expected of them while using M3 Wireless. By accessing and using M3 Wireless, you agree to comply with the AUP. M3 Wireless reserves the right to terminate your account, at our sole discretion and without any prior notice, if this Acceptable Use Policy is violated.

Rules for Acceptable Use and Violations:

1. Illegal Use: No use of M3 Wireless that violates any applicable federal, state,local or international laws. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of M3 Wireless to transmit any material through e-mail, ftp, or internet use to violate these laws.

2. Spamming: M3 Wireless may not be used to send unsolicited advertising such as bulk or mass e-mail.

3. Harassment or Threats: No use of M3 Wireless to transmit material to individuals or groups of individuals that threatens or promotes bodily harm or destruction of property. Materials that harasses or invades the privacy of an individual or groups of individuals will not be allowed.

4. Harm to Minors: M3 Wireless may not be used to harm or attempt to harm a minor. This includes but is not limited to child pornography or sexual solicitation.

5. Forgery or Impersonation: No use of M3 Wireless to attempt to impersonate any person by forging any personal data including, but not limited to forged headers, falsifying one's user name, age or identity in any transmission.

6. Unauthorized Access (Hacking): The M3 Wireless service may not be used to access or attempt to access the accounts of others or to attempt to penetrate security measures of M3 Wireless or other computers. It may not be used to cause disruption of service to other internet users.

7. Viruses: No use of M3 Wireless to intentionally distribute viruses or other hostile software that may be harmful to other users.

8. Reselling/For Profit Use: M3 Wireless may not be used for web hosting done for profit. Websites may be created for personal use, but not for making a profit. Reselling of M 3 Wireless is strictly prohibited.

9. Copyright or Trademark Infringement: No use of M3 Wireless to send or receive any information which in any way infringes on trademarks, copyrights, patents, or proprietary rights of any individual or groups of individuals. This encompasses, but isn't limited to, digital transfer of movies, music, photographs, or any other copyrighted material.

10. No System Disruption: You agree that you will not use, nor allow others to use, M3 Wireless to disrupt M3 Wireless network or computer equipment owned by other M3 Wireless customers. You also agree that you will not use, nor allow others to use, M3 Wireless to disrupt other Internet Service Providers or services, including but not limited to, by e-mail bombing or the use of mass mailing programs.

11. No Excessive Use of Bandwidth: If we determine, at our sole discretion, that you are using an excessive amount of bandwidth, we may terminate your account at any time and without notice, or require you to upgrade your service level and pay additional fees in accordance with our Pricing Structure.

12. Revisions To Policy: M3 Wireless reserves the right to update or modify this Acceptable Use Policy at any time upon thirty (30) days prior written notice. Notice of modifications to this Acceptable Use Policy may be given by posting such changes to the M3 Wireless homepage ( ), by electronic mail or by conventional USPS mail.