main services

Fixed wireless installation M3 Wireless works hard everyday to provide service to the thumb and beyond. We go to every home with the intent to provide the best service around. If you are looking for internet give us a call. It's what we do best!  
web hosting, email, domain registrationSetting up a domain or email server can be a daunting project. We can help you from start to finish on any of these projects. We can help you setup your own domain, host your emails for you, or even host your website at a reasonable price.
Point to point backhaul linksWe can setup a wireless link between your house and a barn or any other building that has power. This would allow you to pay for one internet connection and share it with another location nearby. Just give us a call and we can help you setup a link between many different locations.
Farm NetworkingWe can design any network for your farm to allow you to connect your computers and tablets to have realtime data at your fingertips. We can setup a camera system to allow you to see your employees working or watch your cows in different areas of the barn. We utilize industrial equipment to offer longevity and usability that you need.
Business ConnectionsProviding a business connection with VPN tunnels to a second location or using mpls to connect multiple locations across our network is easily setup with our courteous staff. Just talk to one of our technicians and we can help you design any connection that would suit your needs.
Wireless Network SetupM3 Wireless Inc. has many years of wireless network configuration and setup. We have deployed many different types of networks from a multi-AP setup of a campground to a multicarrier connection for a large corporation.


We have over 20 years of networking experience to help with basic networking to advanced networking projects with VPN tunnels and routing. We can help with any networking project a business or individual may need completed.

Wireless engineering

M3 Wireless Inc. has designed many different wireless networks, ranging from a simple home wireless router to a multiwan wireless network. Utilizing internal and external ip addresses and multiple routing protocols. Whether you need ipv4 or ipv6 addressing, we can help you with any project.