Frequently Asked Questions


1. What does the installation involve?

We will install equipment outside your home. This equipment points back to one of our towers and then we run a cable into your home to a little box. This little box hooks to either your router or a single computer.

2. How long does the installation process usually take?

Our typical install process takes about 1.5 hours to 2 hours. This can change depending on how hard the wire run is or if special install is needed for the equipment outside.

3. Does the equipment have to be attached to my roof or home?

The equipment does need to be attached to something on the outside of the home. We like to mount the equipment on hardware that is already attached to the home, but if we need to and with the homeowners approval, we will install a tripod on the roof or a satellite arm on the fascia or roof. If we have to mount any equipment to the building, we will get the approval of whoever is home at the time of install. We try to work very hard with the homeowners to put equipment in a location that will work with our service and that they would like.

4. Do I need a router?

You do not have to have a router. We will run a line into your home that then plugs into a POE and then another cable to a single computer. If you want to be wireless in your home, then you will need a wireless router in your house.

5. What is a managed router?

M3 Wireless' managed router allows us to allocate specific amounts of traffic to specific services and not allow one particular device in the household utilize all of the bandwidth. This router is fully owned by M3 Wireless and if anything happens to it, we replace it at our cost. This router does need to be returned to M3 Wireless if the customer cancels service or does not want to pay the $5 monthly fee for the router.

6. Why would I need a managed router?

Households that have multiple devices that want to do many different things at the same time, would greatly benefit from a managed router. If multiple people want to watch Netflix at the same time and another wants to play games or just surf the internet, then our router would allow this to happen at the same time. If a household has a regular router, then one user of Netflix will utilize all of your package. If anyone else tries to surf the internet or play games, then it will run extremely slow.

7. Will I owe anything at the time of install?

M3 Wireless currently

8. Will my account be credited for any days that I am without service?

It is the policy and full intention of M3 Wireless Inc. to deliver the best possible service to its customers. M3 Wireless Inc. enjoys an annual uptime average in the 98% bracket translating to 357.70 days of uninterrupted service. Credit or refunds will not be given for outages due to network issues on our end until the 15th day of interrupted service. Network outages caused by other outside circumstances will be given no consideration for refund or credit.

9. If I sign into a contract and within the first month I experience excessive problems and don't get the service that I thought I would have, can I back out of the service contract?

M3 Wireless stands behind their service. If you are having any problems, please call immediately. We work very hard to resolve any issues and we want to see where the problem may lie if a customer isn't receiving the service they believe they deserve. Our technicians will not install a house if the signal isn't strong enough or if they believe there will be a problem later.

10. Do you offer a customer referral program?

We do offer a customer referral program. If a current customer refers another person to our service and we are able to install service at the new location, then the person who referred the new customer gets a free month of service and also the new customer gets a free month of service. The new customer must pay their first month of service for both parties to get their free month.

11. Can I change packages while in a contract?

Yes! We allow customers to change their package up or down at any time.

12. If I want out of m contract, what are the guidelines?

During the Contract period, Customer may end service at any time by paying remainder of contract in full and a $100 early termination fee.